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Slip emulsion for the use in offset printing

WasheS products are

Washes Flexo stands for cleaning products in the flexo sector. They have been specially developed for fast and thorough cleaning of clichés and anilox rollers.

During development, attention was paid to a low risk potential for humans and the environment right from the selection of raw materials. Furthermore, the products are very well compatible with a wide variety of elastomers.

The thorough and pore deep cleaning effect of the products  guarantees an equally popular ink density and ink transfer.

All WasheS Flexo products are AOX-free and have a VOC content of only 0 to 2%, depending on the product.

This is what WasheS stands for


Suitable for environmentally certified printing according to Eco-Label or RAL-UZ 195

Allows sharp prints on all absorbent paper surfaces


VOC-free with respect to reduced

WasheS is available in different versions

WasheS versions

WasheS Flexoreiniger

Produkt Type Amount of VOC Flashpoint pH value Cleaning of
Cleaning of
machine parts
Cleaning of
anilox rollers
WasheS Flexo Soft water-based
0 %   7-8 yes yes yes yes
WasheS Flexo Max water-based
0,22 %   13 yes yes yes  
WasheS Flexo Anilox water-based
2 %   13 yes yes yes  
WasheS Flexo UV waterless
0 % >100°C 6-7 yes yes yes  
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