Slip emulsion for the use in offset printing

Silko® products are

Our newly developed Silko® PF product range is an O/W formulation based on PDMS. In combination with scuff protection additives, it offers exceptionally good protection on the paper web. A new type of plastic-free scuff protection is used here. The release of microplastics into the environment can thus be avoided. Furthermore, our silicone emulsions are all label-free.

Silko® PF gives the paper web good anti-blocking and slip properties. This makes it more resistant to mechanical stress. Especially in the heatset, good rewetting of the paper webs is achieved. The silicone emulsions are available in concentrations of 15-60 %. The recommended dosage is 5-20 %.

This is what Silko® stands for


Very high storage stability and homogeniety

Even application due to good wetting properties

Perfect remoistening of the paper web

Application on the web without residues (streaks or spots)

Reduction of deposits in the folder

Improved slip due to the use of rub resistance additives

Reduction of static charge of the paper web

VOC- and AOX-free preservation

Silko® is available in different versions

Silko® versions

Product Additive    
Silko® PF 1 A SL SLA
Silko® PF 2 A SL SLA
Silko® PF 3 A SL SLA
Silko® PF 4 A SL SLA
Silko® PF 5 A SL SLA
Silko® PF 6 A SL SLA
Silko® PF 7 A SL SLA
Silko® PF 8 A SL SLA
Silko® PF 9 A SL SLA
Silko® PF 10 A SL SLA


PF: plastic free / A: antistatic agent / SL: scratch guard with slip / SLA: scratch guard with slip and antistatic agent

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