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Essential for industry and mechanical engineering

WS Silicone oils are

WS silicone oils are polydimethylsiloxanes with a high purity content and are suitable for technical applications.

Due to their excellent properties, WS silicone oils offer a wide range of applications in industry, mechanical engineering and trade.

WS silicone oils are used as lubricants and lubricants to reduce friction, as release agents in injection and casting processes, as heating/refrigerating fluids in air-conditioning units, as power transmission fluids in torque converters and hydraulic systems, as insulating materials (dielectrics) fo electrical engineering, as defoamers in chemistry and much more.

At WS print we meet the highest quality standards. Our silicone oils are made exclusively of polydimethylsiloxanes synthesized for the first time. Recycled silicone oils are not used however.

The range of viscosities available are as wide as the field of applications of our WS silicone oils. From V20 with 20 cSt (mm²/s) - low viscous like water - to V12500 with 12500 cSt (mm²/s) - high viscous like molasses - we can provide you with the right silicone oil for your application. In addition, we can offer you other viscosities according to your specifications on request.

This is what WS silicone oil stands for


Temperature resistant


Free of mineral oils

Outstanding anti-friction properties

WS silicone oils are available in different viscosities

WS silicone oil versions

WS silicone oils

Product Viscosity Density Thermal conductivity Pour point Flashpoint
WS silicone oil V20 20 cSt (mm²/s) 0,945 g/cm³ 0,14 λ <-70 °C >200 °C
WS silicone oil V50 50 cSt (mm²/s) 0,960 g/cm³ 0,15 λ -55 °C >250 °C
WS silicone oil V100 100 cSt (mm²/s) 0,963 g/cm³ 0,15 λ -55 °C >275 °C
WS silicone oil V150 150 cSt (mm²/s) 0,965 g/cm³ 0,15 λ -55 °C >275 °C
WS silicone oil V350 350 cSt (mm²/s) 0,968 g/cm³ 0,15 λ -50 °C >300 °C
WS silicone oil V1000 1000 cSt (mm²/s) 0,970 g/cm³ 0,15 λ -50 °C >320 °C
WS silicone oil V2000 2000 cSt (mm²/s) 0,970 g/cm³ 0,15 λ -50 °C >320 °C
WS silicone oil V5000 5000 cSt (mm²/s) 0,970 g/cm³ 0,15 λ -50 °C >320 °C
WS silicone oil V10000 10000 cSt (mm²/s) 0,970 g/cm³ 0,15 λ -45 °C >320 °C
WS silicone oil V12500 12500 cSt (mm²/s) 0,970 g/cm³ 0,15 λ -45 °C >320 °C

The properties of WS silicone oil depends on temperature and pressure. The listed values refer to an assumed temperature of 50 °C.

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