WS print introduces a new silicone and fount solution product range.

April 1st, 2023 – WS print is committed to developing sustainable, innovative and ecological products. The Silko® product portfolio has therefore been revised and a new and pioneering range of silicone emulsions has been developed: Silko® PF. WS print focuses on future-oriented and environmentally friendly products with excellent quality that are in line with the spirit of the times.

The new Silko® PF range is completely plastic-free (PF). In the new development, the use of commercially available abrasion protection additives based on microplastics has been consistently avoided. Instead, the new Silko® PF range contains a higher quality additive that is free of microplastics, preventing the release of microplastics into the environment and at the same time improving the performance of silicone emulsions.

In addition, all products in the Silko® PF range are label-free, making them easy for customers to handle and store.

Silko® PF completely replaces the incomparable Silko® incomparable product line.

In addition to the new Silko® PF range, the fount solution range has also been revised. The fountain solution concentrates alco down® and ProNeWS® will be retained, but will be given a new coat of paint in the form of new product names. The product lines will become more uniform and transparent while maintaining the same quality.

More information on the new products can be found on our website under the respective product categories.

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