for all common types of machines and dampening units

alco down® products are

alco down® stands for dampening solution concentrates for heatset web offset, continuous and sheet-fed offset printing. Fount solutions for IPA-free and reduced printing are available in all areas, or the IPA-free products can be used with small amounts of IPA.

In addition to the optimum printing properties, VOC and AOX-reduced or free products are available for all areas, which are suitable for the certification of printed products according to the environmental certificate RAL-UZ 195 (Blue Angel).

The dampening solution concentrates are suitable for all types of presses and dampening systems on the market. Depending on the water quality, optimum printing properties are achieved with a dosage of 3-4 % of the dampening solution concentrate.

This is what alco down® stands for


Suitable for environmentally certified printing according to Eco Label or RAL UZ 195

Minimum waste due to a quick run clean of the plate

Excellent plate protection during downtimes of the machine

High tolerance towards unsteady ink qualities

VOC- and AOX-free preservation

Optimized corrosion inhibition and very little swelling of elastomers

Quick and stable ink-water-balance

alco down® is available in different versions

alco down® versions


Product Gradations    
alco down® 201 S - -
alco down® 206 S M N
alco down® 207 S M N
alco down® 207 X Plus S M N
alco down® 208 S - -
alco down® 211 S - N
alco down® 212 S - N
Products Gradations     Dosage
alco down® 100 - - N 2–4 %
alco down® 101 - M - 2–4 %
alco down® 102 S - - 2–4 %

Sheetfed offset

Product Gradations    
alco down® 401 S - N
alco down® 403 S M N


N: 6–10°dH / M: 11–15°dH / S: 16–20°dH

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